Friday, April 10, 2009

Pursuit of Happyness

See, life is full of surprises. Some times it could be enjoyable and some times it could be irritated. And some times it would be enjoyable as well as irritated. Okay... let me come to the mater. Once I read the review of the film "Pursuit of Happyness" in a magazine. They had said in a good manner in that review. So I decided at that time itself to watch the movie soon. But unluckily I could not get the DVD in our area or somewhere else where I travelled.

So I convinced myself and I was waiting for watch the movie on the movie channels. As I thought, one day the HBO channel was showed the movie. I was so happy and started watching the movie with lot of interest and expectations. But after one and half hour I felt like so sleepy and soon I slept. Because the movie was showed at 9PM. Usually I would slept before 10.30PM. So that, that day also I got slept.

The next day morning only I got to realized that I did not see the movie till its end. But what I watched in the movie was damn good. I was enjoyed the movie a lot. Usually I enjoyed Will Smith's all movies. But in this particular film he did well. To be frank, he has lived in the project. I think his all other movies were not so serious like POH. He has known as an action and comedy hero. In this film, there was no comedy, no action. Scene by scene struggle of the life only...

The little boy(Jaden Smith) who was starred as Smith's son too did his roll perfectly. Okay it’s enough about the film. Actually this is not the matter what I am going to share with you all. It’s a sad story of mine.

Few months back after the first incident was happened, the HBO channel again telecasted the movie at an afternoon of one Sunday. But after an hour from the movies started there was a power cut in our area and in continued around two hours. How bad you know? What the very bad thing in it is, I have watched the movie several times on the televisions and I never watched it completely. I have frustrated a lot and I removed the desire in my mind to watch the film.

Last week I went to a small town for a business meeting and I saw a DVD shop over there. I went into the shop for buying some music and film DVDs. Unfortunately I found the Pursuit of Happiness movie DVD and asked the sales guy to check it. DVD Checking is the regular process. Sometimes it would not play or contains some scratches or some other damages. So I asked him to check it.

Could you guess what was happened there? Yeah... right... The DVD was the scratched one and it did not play. Still I could not tolerate it you know... But what can I do except writing this sad real story on my blog and forcing you people to read it

Friday, April 3, 2009

Its April.. Its Gmail's Birthday.

Its 5th birthday of Gmail. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMAIL. Before the announcement about Gmail, i had keep changing my mail id often. I never kept a mail id for even 3 months. lol. It was like such a hobby to creating mail ids from various mail service providers. But after I got a Gmail invitation from my friend who was working for Microsoft, I never change my personal mail id. I have using the same mail id from august 2004. Really its amazing for me. :). I love Gmail. I can enjoy lot of services from Google by using this mail id. Thanks Google.. Thanks for Gmail.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little in-fo-tro

I am an Indian. I am always proud to be an Indian. I have few blogs in my mother tongue. But I thought a month for now to start a web log in english too. The time has came only now. So I start. I am going to keep update this blog often. Please gimme your big hands throuth the comment box. thanks in advance.